well it is steep, lots of moguls, and trees... yes I did ski that...

What a shy lil bottom....

Finally a Full Martini... Could not find one that was that full, and he had to combine 2 together

Look at the belly... YUMMY


Me and Mikey

was trying to get  shot of the hot guy in the back you can barely see him, to the left of

yellow shirt

That is Mikey and Todd, he looks stoned in all the pics, he really wasn't though.

Top and Bottom? Can you tell?

Now there is an aggressive top if there ever was one. ;)

This was AL, one of our guides that kept falling over... should guides do that a lot?

Just some spectacular views.

Todd, Jez and I

Todd, Myself, Robin, and Paul

Grandma AKA Jeff

Grandma way back there.

Todd again

Sexy Dave, all the boys wanted a piece of him... I think some got it....

Poor Bentley, got neutered....

Don't worry, I wasn't injured, not used to skiing through 29cm of new snow.

The Fab 4...

Well those are the pics that I could put up on the site, others are for my personal collection,

I will be back next year, and I wanted to take more, there were so many more kewl guys

that I met. Next year I will be more flash happy. I promise

COMING SOON 4th Annual XSRBBBES (toga style)