Well I went to Whistler again for WinterPRIDE '07...

I had to go, I had such a great time the last 2 years, and the fact that they had record snowfall this year... it helped even out the record shitty weather they had 3 years ago.


I met some really great guys this year, and again, saw lots of old friends that I had not seen in the year since last gay ski week.


Steven from England... ABSOLUTELY....



Todd from Chicago...


Philip from Enland... (Steven's Partner).... Over here is the car park...



Look a flasher at the bar....


Just a hot guy....


Whistler at night, near my condo.


Umn... ok, Barry (AUS), Paul (US), Scott (HOT AUSSIE), Henry (US), Tim (AUS), ME (CAN), and shit... I forget... (CAN)


Brian (CAN), Paul (US), ME (CAN), Henry (US)


Andrew trying to use my camera


Andrew (CAN), ME, Brian (CAN)


Steven (ENG), ME, Philip (ENG)


ME, the Baroness Croft (US)


View of Whistler Village from just below mid-station on Whistler

View looking up instead of down... yes, those are clouds that I had to ski through.

That is the SUN, not the moon.

Todd and Steven's photo shoot

Kevin (NL), Jeffrey (US)


Mikail (NL) and (token breeder)


in red.. BILL (US) the best damn mountain guide you could ask for... and SASSY!!

Those runs are on Blackcomb, and are on the lift called 7th Heaven

NAKED SKIER... he is from AUS I believe.... I was not alone this year in naked skiing!!!

Philip and Steven... well, just being them... What can I say, they are British... :S


Chuck (US), Justin (CAN), ME at the Banquet -- ok I look drunk, but I am not.

ME, Philip (ENG)

Philip, Steve, Cirque du soleil clown, and Morris (US)




Umn, Jerry?? (US) he was only at our table for the banquet... he he


Some pics taken by other people at WinterPRIDE


Yes, this is me... doing the Charity Ski Race... IN THE NUDE!!!! Meh, I was on VACATION... it was loads of fun.. you should try it.

Ok, so those are more of me... remember it was COLD and overcast out...



Todd pushed me over onto my back.. as he would say, where I like to be... har har... funny Todd.... :P


Alan, very cute ski guide... oh and me beside him. This is the race day lunch... PRE-RACE



Other peoples pics from Whistler.